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Competition Class with Moe Cason

Competition Class with Moe Cason
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 Big Moe Cason from Pondarosa BBQ  gives his first Class in Germany !!!

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Date: 20.09.2017
Time: 15:00 - 21:00 
Location: PALM BBQ and BBQ Guru Flag Ship Store, Haltern , Germany
Language :  English

Meats covered:

Pork Shoulder

You will learn:

• Selecting meats
• Cooking times and temperatures
• Prepping and trimming
• Meat done temperatures
• Seasoning and saucing correctly
• Slicing and serving
• Cooking procedures and techniques
• Eye opening tips and tricks .......and many MORE !

Your BBQ skills will dramatically improve!

Over Moe :

I’m Big Moe Cason and I love BBQ. I love it so much that I compete on a national level. I’m a one man team having completed in approximately 250 contests in 35 different states since 2006 all while maintaining a full time job. I’m a self-taught Pitmaster, and what initially was a hobby is now a way of life. I am passionate about maintaining the integrity of BBQ by cooking with authenticity, using simple recipes, and honoring the history of BBQ. My award-winning sauces are made from scratch with natural and fresh ingredients. Good enough to use for competitions but made for the everyday backyard cook.

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